Solution Brief — Workspace Security VDI

Your company benefits from desktop and application virtualization. What more is there? 🤔See how @VMware Workspace Security VDI takes security and user experience up a level. Get in touch for a walkthrough of capabilities and benefits with one of our experts.

Mattress Firm Partners with Microsoft to Transform Customer Experience

Are you transforming your retail operation at the same pace the industry is transforming? Start unlocking the power of customer data and begin engaging with your customers on a more personal level and let @Microsoft Cloud for Retail show you the way. A provider of Microsoft retail solutions, the experts at Solutions For Success LLC are available to give you a one-on-one walkthrough of Microsoft Cloud for Retail. Contact us when you’re ready.

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Surface Laptop 4 Fact Sheet

This fact sheet, brought to you by Solutions For Success LLC, explains that the #Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 for Business offers performance for multi-tasking, meetings, and more; enables you to work your way in style; and unlocks more value with streamlined deployment, modern device management, and built-in cloud-powered security. In addition, it lists the device’s technical specifications.

Absolute for K-12 Education

Get ABSOLUTE endpoint visibility and control of devices! Absolute has partnered with #Lenovo to give schools a platform for endpoint device control. You’ll have an unbreakable connection to student, teacher, and staff devices no matter where they are. This document, brought to you by Solutions For Success LLC, has the details.

Azure Defender for IoT

The value of comprehensive security across all IoT/OT devices can’t be underestimated. What if you could use one solution to secure all your IoT devices and OT infrastructure? With @Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT, you can. Watch this video to explore the benefits and get in touch for a demo from a Solutions For Success LLC Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT expert.

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Leveraging Hybrid Cloud and SaaS With VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon helps you make the most of hybrid cloud and improve security and productivity. How could that help you keep pace with desktop and app virtualization demands? For ideas, watch this video showing how @VMware Horizon extends the benefits of hybrid cloud and SaaS.


How can you transform your business to stay ahead in the rapidly changing retail industry? Accelerate growth and transform the overall retail experience with @Microsoft Cloud for Retail. #MSRetail #MSCloudRetail

How can you transform your business to stay ahead in the rapidly changing retail industry? How about by getting more customer insights and value from your data by unifying data sources across the shopper journey? Create a more holistic view of the customer. Comment with your answer.

Contact a Solutions For Success LLC @Microsoft Cloud for Retail expert that can help you reimagine your retail operation.

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  Modern Endpoint Management

Modern Endpoint Management: Built-in vs Bolt-on with Microsoft! Simplify endpoint management by combining #Surface with Microsoft services. Running up-to-date Windows 10 alongside services such as Intune and Azure Active Directory makes it easy for IT administrators to manage endpoint devices. Download this eGuide, brought to you by Solutions For Success LLC, to see how it all works.

Exploros Learning Experiences

Exploros on #Lenovo teaches with the 5 Es. What are those 5 Es? Engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. It’s all part of programming featuring curriculum that is designed to provide students with personalized instruction and a well-rounded experience. This datasheet, brought to you by Solutions For Success LLC, has more details.

Meet the New Surface Laptop Go for Business

Overcome current business challenges and enable secure remote work for your employees! Download this infographic, brought to you by Solutions For Success LLC, to see why the new Surface Laptop Go for Business is the best solution for your business. Learn about its awesome features such as its 10th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor, 13 hours of battery life, and biometric sign-in—and see how the device unlocks more value with streamlined deployment; modern device management; and built-in, cloud-powered security.

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