3.5mm male TRS to XLR male cable


The Azden MX-R1 3.5mm TRS Male to 3-Pin XLR Male Adapter Cable lets you connect a microphone or wireless receiver with an unbalanced dual-mono 3.5mm TRS female output to the balanced XLR input of a camera, camcorder, or mixer. This cable is compatible with all Azden single-channel wireless receivers, including the PRO-XR, PRO-XRe, and PRO-XD, and is not designed for use with stereo devices.

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Connect your Azden microphone or wireless receiver to a pro-level XLR audio input on a camera or mixer with this male 3.5 mm TRS to male 3-pin XLR adapter cable. Designed to adapt any unbalanced “dual-mono” mini-jack microphone output to a balanced XLR input. The MX-R1 is compatible with all Azden single-channel wireless receivers.

This cable is not suitable for true stereo outputs with distinct left & right audio signals.

Compatible with all single-channel Azden wireless receivers, including PRO-XR, PRO-XRe and PRO-XD.

Key Features

  • Adapts 3.5mm Mic/Receiver Output to XLR
  • Unbalanced Dual-Mono to Balanced XLR
  • Use with Camera, Camcorder, and Mixers


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