Regardless of the current status or size of your business  
we will get the  right solutions, utilizing the extensive suite of products and services we offer.

Our mission is to offer cost effective solutions, quality service, and continuous commitment to our customers to ensure that they are in step with the most appropriate computing systems that can enhance their

business operations and support their growth.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Scalable POS Software Built To Grow As Your Business Expands

Whether you own an independent, single store location or a multi-unit chain with numerous POS stations at each location, our point of sale software is up to the task. Our POS software is scalable, enabling it to expand with your enterprise as your needs evolve.

Video Surveillane

The most obvious benefit of video surveillance is improved security. Whether you’re using security cameras to protect your home, business, or a large-scale campus environment, high-quality surveillance footage is an invaluable asset. There’s nothing more powerful in a criminal investigation than visual evidence, and that’s what surveillance cameras provide

Digital Signage

Digital signage is the industry term for using digital display technology such as LCD, Plasma, POS Displays and LED displays to communicate with a target audience. Either non-interactive or interactive, digital signage breaks through the clutter and engages your audience.

Voice Over IP (VoIp)

IP-Enabled Services. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. VoIP is a phone system that helps your business grow in a cost effective way. Gives you flexibility, portability, monitoring and expandability.

Access Control

Access control solutions for any commercial, retail, public or business environment. A variety of access control readers, doors, gates and devices allow us to deliver the right equipment, products and technology for every installation. Our access control management solutions allow you to control, track and manage access to any facility for improved employee and visitor management. We add value to your operations with managed access control and handle all phases of access control system layout and configuration, installation, maintenance, inspections and testing with our local service and support.

Merchant Services

In-store, mobile and online solutions.

We enable seamless commerce and payment processing for businesses of all sizes and types. We love to help businesses grow no matter if they are online (eCommerce), mobile, in-store, or a combination of these. We can provide the payment processing solutions wherever you’re selling.

Mobile Apps

Apps help build visibility, brand, and recognition for yourbusiness. The average American spends two hours on hisor her mobile device every day. 80% of that time is spent inapps. While it’s unlikely that those two hours will be devotedsolely to interacting with your app, having your app displayedon your customer’s mobile device constantly keeps yourbusiness top of mind.

Website Design and Development

Your new website will be 100% custom designed from scratch reflecting your brand image, mobile and tablet friendly and will be SEO optimized (for Google, Yahoo and Bing). Your site will have modern layout and color scheme with appropriate call to action buttons/forms, beautiful images conveying your story and will be specially designed for lead generation and sales conversion.

Cloud Backup and Disaster  Recovery

We offer Bare metal backup and recovery for Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, and more. Native backup and recovery for Exchange servers. Granular Recovery allows you to backup and recover by mailbox and by message. Backup and recover laptops, workstations, file servers, and files and folders. Military-grade encryption – three-tiers of protection for your business data. Send transactionally consistent bare metal images of your backups to the cloud.

What Sets Us Apart

We are focused on finding solutions to help grow your business and capitalize on what you already have been doing. We take the time to understand your needs and make certain to provide you with a solution that fits you and your company. You are not just another company to us. We will understand and embrace your culture and the way you do things with an eye to improve and grow your best assets.

We employ Axis Cer​​​​tified Professionals


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