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Advanced smart home automation systems to homeowners and businesses.

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PERSONALIZED TO FIT YOU AND YOUR LIFE. ELAN's smart home systems have been designed with every user in mind. We have a solution that can fit into almost any lifestyle. Our products are flexible and highly customizable. ELAN brings the user an array of options when it comes to creating their perfect smart home system. 


ELAN is a smart home automation system that works in perfect harmony with your entire entertainment ecosystem. And it’s easy to set up and use. It’s the whole package! 


ELAN is a smart home automation system that will help you protect your home and family, while giving you more convenience and peace of mind. It's the perfect addition to your smart home security system. 


ELAN is a powerful and intuitive home automation system that brings together lighting, shades, locks, thermostats and more in a single, unified system that makes it easy to manage your home. ELAN’s smart sensor technology detects when you’re home or away and automatically adjusts the temperature where you spend the most time, conserving energy while providing comfort and convenience. 

A New Way To Control your Intelligent Space

Single Interface

The award-winning and intuitive ELAN User Interface works the same way on your mobile device or tablet, remote or touch panel. Integration on each device is easy with ELAN control systems.

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EVERYTHING IN PERFECT HARMONY. ELAN controls the lights, music, videos and other media in your home or office with a simple touch screen interface. 


ELAN home systems allow you to see, hear and respond to visitors, whether you're on the couch, in the car or out of the country. 


ELAN is the first smart home platform to offer both security and home automation, allowing you to protect what matters most with more than a locked door. Whether you are at home, away or on vacation, ELAN smart home automation systems allow you to secure your home, control your lights and thermostat, and even record activity taking place while you are away.