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What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Rethink the way you manage virtual desktops with Azure Virtual Desktop. From setting up Windows 11 to auto-scaling based on demand, the flexibility and cost-efficiency are unparalleled.

This @Microsoft Learn blog post provides a brief tutorial and a demo video.

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Surface Hybrid Work Solution Guide

How does @Surface fit into a device strategy for hybrid work? Check out this solution brief for a strategy that connects teams and helps them perform—while making deployment, management, and security easier. 🤝 To learn more, reach out to Solutions For Success LLC.

Microsoft 365 Defender Overview

Integrated cybersecurity is critical to preventing ransomware and other potentially devastating attacks on your business.

Watch the video to learn how @Microsoft Security Defender 365’s integrated security protects across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 👇

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Simplify Kubernetes Adoption

If applications are at the core of your digital business operations, devoting time and resources to managing underlying infrastructure can be a tedious time suck that impedes innovation.

#RedHat and #AWS provide a fully managed container platform service deployed and operated on AWS, that efficiently builds, deploys, and manages containerized applications. Take a look and let us know your thoughts on common #appdev challenges.


Strabag SE builds a risk management solution to improve efficiency using Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Global construction leader, Strabag SE, embraced the power of Microsoft Azure to revolutionize their operations, boosting efficiency and enhancing scalability!

Their AI-based risk management solution has accurately predicted potential project failures with an impressive 80% accuracy using only 3 months of data, allowing Strabag to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs globally. Read the customer story to see how they are shaping the future of construction with data-driven strategies! 🚀

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