Toyota Manufacturing Uses Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality to Boost Efficiency and Scalability

Excellence is a constant journey of incremental changes, not a set destination. How’s your journey going? Share your progress. Then watch the video to see how Toyota Manufacturing follows this philosophy with the help of @Microsoft to continuously improve vehicle repair and service efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on Microsoft HoloLens 2.

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Surface Pro 7+for Education ITDM

Surface Pro 7+ for education! The #Microsoft #Surface Pro 7+ is just what learners and IT administrators need: a powerful, flexible device with built-in security. Learn more with this datasheet, brought to you by Solutions For Success LLC.

WeVideo Blended Learning

Introducing WeVideo for blended learning! Education technology is evolving rapidly to meet the needs of students learning at home and in the classroom. WeVideo is here to make blended learning easier. Learn more in this eBook, courtesy of Solutions For Success LLC.

Top Opportunities for Automotive and Mobility in 2022

The automotive industry is expected to become a $6.6T industry with disruptive technology and business models accounting for 50 percent of revenue, reports McKinsey & Company. What drives revenue at your company? An integral part of the automotive, mobility, and transportation sector, @Microsoft is helping make the industry safer, more sustainable and more productive. Read πŸ‘‡ to discover how Microsoft solutions help transportation companies embrace transformation.

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Meet Surface Pro 7+

Keep up with changing times with the #Surface Pro 7+. One device offers 4 ways to get work done. Use it as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or in your studio. In any case, #Microsoft #Surface will give you the performance and flexibility that your job demands. This flyer, brought to you by Solutions For Success LLC, has all the details.

Retail Trends Playbook

Why scramble to adapt to the changing retail landscape when the @Microsoft Retail Trends Playbook can help you strategize a winning retail game plan. Get your playbook here.πŸ‘‡ After reviewing it, consider reaching out to a Microsoft Cloud for Retail expert from Solutions For Success LLC for recommendations on taking your retail operation to the next level.

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