BYOD Compliance Policy

Solutions For Success LLC – Device Compliance Policy

Compliance URL:


At Solutions For Success LLC, ensuring the security of our digital environment is paramount. This Device Compliance Policy outlines the standards and requirements for personal mobile devices used to access company resources, ensuring they meet our security protocols through Windows Information Protection (WIP).

Understanding Compliance

Compliance ensures that your device adheres to our security standards, protecting both company and personal data. Non-compliance may result from outdated software, lack of security measures, or unapproved applications.

Access Denial

If your device is deemed non-compliant, access to company resources will be temporarily suspended. This measure is to prevent potential security risks to our company’s data and network.

Compliance URL

When access is denied, you will be directed to our Compliance URL:  This portal provides detailed information on why your device was flagged as non-compliant and offers steps for remediation.

Self-Service Remediation

Our WIP service enables self-service remediation, allowing you to update your device’s compliance status. Steps include:

  • Updating Your Device: Ensuring your operating system and all applications are up to date.
  • Installing Security Software: Downloading and installing any required security applications as specified by our IT department.
  • Removing Unapproved Applications: Uninstalling applications that are not approved for use with company resources.

Regaining Access

After completing the remediation steps, your device will automatically be reassessed for compliance. Once compliant, access to company resources will be reinstated.


If you encounter issues or require assistance during the remediation process, please contact our IT support team at

Policy Amendment

Solutions For Success LLC reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. Employees will be notified of any changes, which will be reflected in the Compliance URL.


By accessing company resources using a personal mobile device, you agree to comply with Solutions For Success LLC’s Device Compliance Policy. Your cooperation ensures the security and integrity of our digital environment.