How to Use Multiple Desktops on One Screen in Windows 11

Do your employees complain about switching back and forth between multiple apps when working on different projects? Tell us 👍 or👎?

Anyone who’s had to juggle projects knows how aggravating it is with everything on one monitor.

With @Microsoft Windows 11, you get multiple desktops on one monitor. Read the tutorial here. 👉

Boost business agility

 IT and business are changing rapidly. But rigid legacy IT infrastructure can prevent you from innovating. Complex environments limit flexibility, speed and scalability, and slow application and service delivery. At Solutions For Success LLC, we help clients get to more agile, scalable IT environments. Learn how you can benefit from this Red Hat eBook on boosting business agility with hybrid cloud and containers.

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 Why Lenovo in Higher Education

Lenovo: Empowering learners and leaders in higher education. From powerful mobile devices to workstations for the lab, #Lenovo keeps pace with the ever-evolving needs of higher education. Learn more in this document, courtesy of Solutions For Success LLC.

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